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About Us

About Us

Nunzia Pharmaceutical is here to help every individual and family member that has any anxiety based disorders.

We are proud to be working in conjunction with the Autism Fragile X Foundation.

Nunzia Pharmaceutical is your Pharmaceutical Company Working to Save Lives.

Nunzia Pharmaceutical, Inc., is the first pharmaceutical company to develop and discover a positive nutraceut​ical supplement and pharmaceutical called NUNZIA.

The new nutraceutical supplement and prescribed or planned over-the-counter positive pharmaceutical treatment, is not like any other supplement or pharmaceutical so far in the market for ASD and ABCDSTM. A treatment that has no known negative side effects, no known addictive, or no known cross-reaction to alcohol.


Is a combination of 16 vitamins, minerals and herbs, which specifically focuses and deals with the root cause within the HIPPOCAMPUS part of the brain, where all anxiety based disorders originate. Our supplements target the area by reducing anxiety and giving every person or child the opportunity to function at their best.

Nunzia Nutraceutical works well in combination with therapeutic treatments, such as: ABA, Chiropractic, Physical, Massage, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Music, Art, Dance, Equestrian, Swimming, Fitness, Yoga, etc. 


The pharmaceutical NUNZIA was originally discovered by Cal-Biotech Inc., which at the time was called SB15. Cal-Biotech and Nunzia Pharmaceutical later joined forces to bring the drug to market. In this joint venture the drug later went through a name change, which called “NUNZIA.” 

All these bioresearch companies have partnered with Autism Fragile X Foundation a 501c3 nonprofit organization out of Orange County California. Nunzia is one drug that has met the high quality and strict restrictions for assistance from AFXF.  AFXF knows it takes many people to beat a problem like Autism, Fragile X, and other disorders, such as PTSD.

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NUNZIA means a new beginning and this drug will bring new beginnings to millions of people and their families. Nunzia was designed to help children with Fragile X and Autism, and as development and research was made, we discovered that several disorders were positively affected by the same understanding and studies regarding glutamate inhibitors. Among these related stress and anxiety disorders falls PTSD and many Autism Spectrum Disorders, such as ADD, ADHD, Compulsive Disorders, Dementia, Parkinsons, MS and others. 

AFXF’s Nunzia Positive Treatment

AFXF’s NUNZIA’s Positive Treatment, specifically focuses and deals with the root cause by reducing anxiety and giving every patient the opportunity to function at their best. Nunzia’s PositiveTreatment is precise, it is specific, it is a Target-Drug, and it is a Target-Blocker. Nunzia’s Positive Treatment has NO side effects, is non-addictive, and is less toxic than Aspirin, with clinically stated no cross-reaction to Alcohol. This means that it has NO negative side effects to the liver or to other vital organs.

Negative Effects of Other Treatments

Many families, who deal on a daily base with disorders are familiar with their broad acting (drugging entire body) effect, when using anti-anxiety drugs. For example, Valium, Prozac, Amphetamines, Anti-Psychotic, Anti-Depressant, etc., are prescribed hit or miss drugs, which singly or in combination is the Shot Gun Effect.

It is known that the Shot-Gun Effect (broad acting effect) completely drugs the patient, yet, it does not treat the root problem which is based on the glutamate in the hippocampus part of the brain. This can continue to cause what is known a “Straight-Jacket Effect,” by allowing the anxiety to continue within the patient.

NUNZIA has studies showing positive results with several disorders by increasing memory, helping fine motor skills, improving attention span, and increasing speech abilities. NUNZIA has the ability to bring back your child’s creativity, focus, attention, flexibility, speed and memory.  NUNZIA brings the hope that many parents and family

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