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What Is Autism & Fragile X

Short Synopsis on Autism and Fragile X


  • Anxiety in the Hippocampus is the core common denominator of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ADD, ADHD, Fragile X, OCD), PTS/PTSD, and Depression, among other anxiety based disorders. 


  • Significantly interferes with social development and learning

Controlling Benefits:

  • Controlling anxiety can greatly improve therapies

Negative Effects of other Treatments:

  • Current anti-anxiety drugs are broad acting and ususally ineffective
    • Valium, Prozac, Amphetamines, Anti-Psychotics, etc.
    • “Hit or Miss”, singly or in combination
    • “Straight-Jacket” Effect, but not correcting the root cause.

Positive Hope for Families:

  • Positive targeted drugs are need to pin point the root cause in the Hippocampus part of the brain. .

Positive Solution:

  • NUNZIA- is a targeted drug and “blocker,” that has NO Negative side-effects, is non-addictive, and is less toxic than any other know treatment, and with clinically stated no cross-reaction to Alcohol. This means that it has NO negative side effects to the liver or to other vital organs.

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