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Calmed & Focused Our 11 Year Old

Our 11-year-old is Male with Low Spectrum Autism, ADHD and COPD like tendencies to fill every waking second with talk.

He weighs 125lbs and is 5’2. He has been on the Nunzia™ supplement for nearly 2 weeks.

The reaction has been positive, coming on in a subtle but noticeable and consistent manner.

There have been 3 very noticeable changes that started to come about on day 3 after starting the supplement.

1. Sleep.
It was very difficult for him to fall asleep and stay asleep. Constantly seeking water or using the restroom he was up and down 3 to 4 times a night.
He now falls to sleep within 10 minutes and stays asleep all night. In the morning he wakes and says he feels good.

2. Calming effect.
There was constant bickering or over reaction to the little things in life. His younger brother was often the target of “he got this” or “he got that” and arguments ensued.
Indeed tantrums over things that seems immaterial or trivial. That has noticeably subsided in regard to his little brother and general life at home. He is more at ease. Reports from his school reveal that although he still gets aggravated at circumstances or having to wait to use something, he is more calm and no longer displays the over reacting drama he did in the past. He still shows some of the frustration, but it is much more controlled now.

3. Single subject focus
In the past, one subject and one subject only would dominate all conversations to fill every waking second of the day. Whatever he saw last or took interest in was all he could or would talk about. That too has relaxed in that he seems to appreciate a more rounded inclusive conversation which is now comes in a calm manner much more so than in the past.

Certainly at 11 years old, some of this can or could be attributed to maturity, but not so quickly and not overall as we are experiencing. I, we, our family, feel the supplement has had a positive effect on him and as the days roll on, he feels the supplement is helping him.

I do declare the foregoing to be 100% true and accurate as to our personal experience with Nunzia™ and our 11 year old, as of January 13, 2020.

-G. Sanchez, Irvine, CA.

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