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Game Changer For A Recovering Addict

My name is Mackenzie Welch I am a recovering addict and I can personally attest to the positive benefits the product from Nunzia™ Pharmaceuticals supplements.

I’ve struggled with an anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember.  Matter of fact, I use to self-medicate in a harmful manner to escape the crippling power anxiety would have on me. I use other tools such as eating healthy, working out, prayer and meditation that are necessary and healthy tools to counter the anxiety. However, since taking this product, my thoughts have slowed down tremendously! And the best part about it…

There’s absolutely no negative side effects. I was a little concerned that it might help with the anxiety but make me more tired than usual as many medications use to do to me. By the way, I’m on NO medication!  I don’t put my name next to anything unless I truly believe in something and I believe in this product.  This can definitely be a game-changer in many different disorders.  I’m going to continue to take this product.

With gratitude,
Mackenzie Welch

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