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Charles Strongo

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Strongo has 30 years’ experience in business management and operations. Mr. Strongo has been in the in vitro diagnostic business for the past twenty-Four years, since 1995, the beginning of the “over-the counter” in-vitro diagnostic industry and has managed annual budgets exceeding $500 million.

Mr. Strongo is the CEO and Chairman of WholeHealth Products Inc. from 2013 to present. Mr. Strongo also currently serves as CEO of Nunzia Pharmaceutical Company (“Nunzia”) since August 1, 2019. Nunzia owns the rights to a drug that treats autism, fragile X, ADHD, and PTSD and intends to manufacture, market and distribute the drug Nunzia, once approved by the FDA through a Premarket Approval.

Mr. Strongo has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of EarlyDETECT, Inc. from March 2004 through November 2009. He was a member of the EDI Board of Directors from June 2002 until June 2009. Prior to that, Mr. Strongo served as the Chief Financial Officer for two years.

Mr Strongo has owned and operated his own successful FDA Approved diagnostic manufacturing facility. Mr. Strongo has a comprehensive knowledge of ISO and FDA regulations and has prepared several companies for the ISO inspections. Mr. Strongo has filed more than twenty FDA 510K filings; he has also worked on countless pharmaceutical filings. Mr. Strongo has prepared several companies for FDA inspections, under FDA regulatory GMP guidelines. Mr. Strongo has cleared companies for ISO 13485 CDM in less than 6 months, a process that usually takes a year.

Mr. Strongo’s dynamic personality, keen understanding and extensive professional expertise, have enabled Mr. Strongo to increase profitability for multiple companies domestically and internationally. Mr. Strongo established businesses in foreign countries, including Canada, Brazil, China, South Africa, Russia, Taiwan, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Mr. Strongo holds a BA/MBA in Business Management from National University.

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